Celebrity Sightings:
As we already know, Joan Rivers has been chilling at Sundance, and here's a video interview of the iconic plastic surgery fiend straight from Park City. But she's not the only person who might seem like a surprising addition to the fest circuit -- Sir Elton John was also getting his movie on. In other circles, celebrity stylist Naz Kupelian was doing his part to make all the celebs look sexy for their interviews, and Diego Luna, Mark Ruffalo, and more actors posed for cozy Sundance pics wrapped in scarves, jackets, and intertwined legs. And last, but not least -- some Romanticspremiere photos.

Our Coverage:
The fest might be slowing down, but the coverage continues to pour in. Erik Childress reviewed Welcome to the Rileys and thought: "It is almost worth recommending for the honest moments turned in by Gandolfini and Leo, but the bizarre shifts in tone and the single-note communication by Stewart -- that she is most certainly not the daughter produced by these two great actors -- leaves us a little too hollow in the end."

Meanwhile, Eric D. Snider reviewed Please Give, and thought it was a decent, if not repetitive turn for Nicole Holofcener: "It could be said that Please Give is simply a retread of Holofcener's other movies, especially Lovely & Amazing -- but, then, most people didn't see those movies, so maybe it doesn't matter. Still, while Please Give is often very funny, it feels a little perfunctory. It's a movie you'll like but probably not love."

Finally, Kevin Kelly reviewed the drama Blue Valentine, stating that it "is a great movie with what one hopes are not the defining roles from two of the best young actors working today, but that's how important and moving they are in this film. ... This is nothing but a tribute to all of them."