I was just beginning to wonder when we would see some footage from The Losers, as it hits theaters on April 9 and features the lady of the hour, Zoe Saldana. My curiosity was right on schedule, as the trailer has appeared online over at MSN Movies.

The Losers is based on the DC-Vertigo comic by Andy Diggle. No one has mutations or superpowers, it's not set in an unspecified future or an alternate universe. It's just an ordinary Special Forces team abandoned and left to die by their mysterious commander, Max. They regroup, vow revenge, meet up with a mysterious woman seeking the same man, and let the bullets fly. And the jokes. And the explosions.

It's a Joel Silver production, the cast is great, the material sounds fun, and it's a movie that's kept a fairly low profile up until now. Quite often, those end up being the movies that end up being a wonderful mid-season surprise. They're fresh and exciting because we haven't been bombarded with previews and photos for a year running; you can check out the trailer after the jump. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.