One of the much talked about screenings at Sundance this past week was The Violent Kind, the exploitative feature from The Hamiltons directors Phil Flores and Mitchell Altieri, known affectionately as the Butcher Brothers, and produced by Texas Chainsaw Massacre redux producer Jeffrey Allard. As Shock TIll You Drop reports, there is no rest for the wicked as Allard announced that he would be teaming up with producer Adam Donaghey (St. Nick, El Regreso Way) for the post-feminist horror film Stripped.

Stripped, which will begin filming this May, will serve as Wildman's first foray into the director's chair, having recently given up his position as Head of Press and Public Relations at AFI. Talking about the project, Allard had this to say about his teaming up with Donaghey:

"Adam and I have been looking for the right project to team up on, and this script immediately got my attention. It's exciting that this has all come together at the same time we both have films at Sundance."

In response to their decision to produce the script, Donaghey said, "Justina and John have not only created some iconic female genre characters that jump off the page, but Jeffrey and I were also impressed with John's directorial approach to the material.

The film, which was be written by Justina Walford and John Wildman and will star Tiffany Shepis (soon to be seen in Night of the Demons), centers upon an unfortunate birthday outing among two brothers and a friend who find themselves trapped in a house with a "family of malevolent women." Sound intriguing, though the plot is reminiscent of Jake West's flick Doghouse, which features a group of friends being terrorized by the crazed, female, cannibalistic denizens of a sleepy British town.


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