The Temple of Schlock blog recently posted a nice collection of old Variety ads, mostly featuring grindhouse era exploitation films that were announced but never quite made it out of the studio. It's kind of cool seeing artwork and logos for movies that never existed including:
  • Devilfish, an underwater horror flick that was to have been produced and directed by B-movie king Bert I. Gordon. Presumably this is no relation to the Lamberto Bava film Devil Fish.
  • Devil's Riff was a live action/animated fantasy flick from the folks who made Yellow Submarine and Godspell with music by the Electric Light Orchestra. Damn, I would have paid to see that.
  • There are two ads for an unproduced movie called The Department Store. Based on the bullet hole riddled logo this was to have been an action film of some kind. It was supposed to start shooting in July 1977 with Brian Hutton directing. He was replaced by a director named Bruce Geller for the second ad, but the film never materialized.
  • Some of the film's listed did actually get made but are included because of a title change like Mati which was eventually released as Beyond Reason and was the only feature film directed by Telly Savalas.
It should also be noted that the Temple of Schlock blog started life back in the 80s as a pretty awesome photocopied zine, exploring the b-movie goodness that theaters and VHS rental stores had to offer. You can check out some classic Temple covers here.
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