virtuality dvd

Welcome to TV Transmissions -- your (semi) daily sci-fi TV news briefing. Here's what's happening:

- Good news, Ron Moore fans. The Battlestar Galactica creator's doomed but intriguing TV pilot Virtuality is coming to DVD on May 4. Sadly, a Blu-ray version doesn't seem to be in the cards, and we don't have a list of special features yet, but stay tuned to SciFI Squad for the latest on this much-anticipated release.

- In other Ron Moore-related DVD news, Universal is releasing another BSG complete series Blu-ray set that includes The Plan.

- Stargate Universe producer Joseph Mallozzi is asking fans what they want to see when the show returns to Syfy in April. Personally, I'd like to see Col. Telford get punched in the face at least once every episode. Hard.

- Here's another Stargate tidbit: Show co-creator Brad Wright says SGU was originally a movie pitch.

- In a mad dash to plug some holes in its primetime lineup, NBC has picked up a pilot for a superhero show called The Cape. Billed as "a light drama with a comic book sensibility," The Cape follows a cop who becomes a masked superhero to "clear his name and reunite with his son."

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