was my favorite dark, science fiction horror film at Sundance. What's that? It was the only one in that particular niche category? Fine. I'll kick it up by saying it was one (it's a short list) of my favorite films at the festival this year. Yes, it's dark. It's scary at times, and it's got a ton of genetic experimentation in it, landing it squarely in the sci-fi camp. It's one hell of a freaky ride, and with any luck this will be gracing a big screen near you soon so you can see it with an audience. It's definitely not for everyone,

Before this, director Vincenzo Natali had crafted films that were far outside the typical Hollywood fare you'd see at a multiplex. Movies like Cube, Cypher, and Nothing. He's even directed the Getting Gilliam documentary on the Tideland DVD. So when I saw his film in the program, I knew I'd have to see this film, and it doesn't disappoint with powerful performances from Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody (and yes, David Hewlett is in it, after all, it's a Natali film!) I'd blather on, but I already did that in my review over here.

However, Natali is the real star of this show, and we spoke to him at length about Splice, his other films, and what his next project will be. Jump on through for the full video interview straight from Sundance.