If you're a Firefly fan, or a Reaper fan, then this post probably had you at Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. If not, then you need to get your geek on if you want some street cred. Although both shows were canceled early, they were perfect vehicles for sci-fi and horror, and were backed by terrific performances from these two actors. Both of them are a lot more comedic than you'd expect, and they really got to show that off in Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, the wacky Sundance comedy horror film (which, of course, we reviewed for you right here.)

We spoke to Tudyk and Labine the day after their midnight premiere, where they were alternating between pints of beer and mocha lattes, which is probably the best hangover cure in Park City. We talked to them about the film, their geek appeal, and what's next (Tudyk's answer will probably surprise you, unless you're the webmaster of AlanTudykMegaFan.com). Head on after the break for the video interview.