It's not possible to watch Adam Green's Frozen without thinking of Open Water. Well, it is possible, but that means you've never seen nor heard of Open Water. Frozen takes the same premise -- divers stranded in the ocean -- and turns it into three skiers stuck on a ski lift with no hope of being found until the resort opens again a week later. Plus, it's cold. A fact that the title should have clued you in to. The film opens in a week, and you can check out Cinematical's review of it here.

Adam Green came up with this idea when he saw a background weather forecast shot of empty ski chairs at the Big Bear ski area in California, which reminded him of how scary it can be when the lifts stop. As the movie illustrates, there's a lot more to fear than just the drop to the ground. We talked to Adam at Sundance, and he let us know about the production, the actors, and what it took to bring this to the screen. One thing I accidentally caught off-camera was how many Iceman jokes Shawn Ashmore had to put up with. The answer: tons.

Head on after the break for the full video interview from a snowy exterior in Park City.