The Razzies traditionally "honor" the very worst that the movies have to offer each year, timed not coincidentally to the day before the Academy Awards celebrate the best films of the year. And every year, you can almost guess which terrible films and actors will be nominated; this year the Michael Bay sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tied for the lead with Land of the Lost, 2009's most notorious box office bomb. But what, if anything, did the Razzies miss?

Before you haters ask, yes, The Twilight Saga: New Moon earned Robert Pattinson a nod for Worst Supporting Actor in addition to a nomination for Worst Screen Couple of 2009, shared with Kristen Stewart and "Taylor Whatz-His-Fang." (Poor Twilight, such an easy target.) Also up for Razzies are John Travolta for Old Dogs, Eddie Murphy for Imagine That, Megan Fox for the one-two punch of Transformers 2 and Jennifer's Body, and all three Jonas brothers, who combine to form one nominee for Worst Actor of 2009 – for their concert documentary, The Jonas Brothers – The 3D Concert Experience. (Get the full list of Razzie nominees here.)

But we surely suffered through far worse movies in 2009, didn't we? For example, how the heck did Year One not earn a single Razzie? Or Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, a film with a horrible script, bad effects, and a performance by Chris Klein so bad it's almost – almost – good? I'll throw a few more titles out there: Bride Wars.Post Grad. Miss March. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. New in Town.

My list goes on and on; tell us below which awful films and performances of 2009 made you want to poke your eyes out. Do you think the Razzies really get it right year after year?
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