Fearless FreaksI've been hearing all week about an upcoming Flaming Lips concert here in Austin, and while I'm unlikely to go (it's up against the opening night of SXSW Film), I do have an urge to see the Flaming Lips perform again. Fortunately, I can do this right from the comfort of my computer. SlashControl has the 2005 documentary about the band, The Fearless Freaks, available to stream online for free.

The Fearless Freaks is directed by Bradley Beesley (Okie Noodling, Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo), who grew up in the same hometown as the Flaming Lips -- Oklahoma City. Beesley has also directed some Flaming Lips videos and helped out with Wayne Coyne's feature film Christmas on Mars, and is able to provide an intimate portrait of the band, not just a standard music biopic.

Although The Fearless Freaks shows the progression of the band and contains scenes of them on tour, it is really rooted in their hometown and family lives. Wayne Coyne walks around the neighborhood telling great stories about his experiences there, and the movie includes some wonderful Super 8 footage of the Coyne family. They called their family football team the Fearless Freaks ... thus the title. The documentary also gets very dark at times -- one scene with drummer Steven Drozd in which he discusses his then-addiction to drugs is especially chilling. This is not a movie for kids, but for everyone else, definitely a way to satisfy any Flaming Lips cravings.

Watch The Flaming Lips: The Fearless Freaks for free at SlashControl.
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