Last week's leaked Green Lantern concept art literally blew my socks off, which was especially remarkable seeing as how I was wearing shoes at the time. Ouch. Now, io9 has two new images they're presenting as legit leaked art from the 2011 Martin Campbell science-fiction superhero film.

Represented in these images are designs for the Guardians and Green Lantern's mentor-turned-nemesis Sinestro (an unfortunate name if his parents ever wanted him to grow up to be anything but evil). The Guardians are the otherworldly beings responsible for the Green Lantern Corps - the intergalactic police force which recruits Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) in the film. They're represented as arrogant and judgmental in the comics, but they're also responsible for who gets a power ring (the outlet for Green Lantern's power) and who doesn't. Sinestro is their star Lantern, until he gets power hungry and turns on the Corps. Mark Strong is said to be taking on the role of Sinestro in the film.

Thanks to Devin at Chud for bringing this new art to my attention. You can see the Sinestro mock-up after the jump.

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