Sega just keeps delivering the goodies for their upcoming Aliens vs. Predatortitle. We've seen trailers, interviews with the developers at Rebellion, gameplay footage, and even conversations with Lance Henriksen about the upcoming title, and that continues this morning with the unveiling of a new clip--this one focusing on the game's multiplayer Survival mode.

The short teaser--which is roughly a minute long--breaks down the game's cooperative element. Up to four players can team up as Marines who then must survive an all-out onslaught of the terrifying creatures from the Alienmovies. The trailer looks intense, with screeching monsters flying around everywhere in the shadowy darkness. They've even brought back the beeping proximity sensors from Cameron's Aliens--and the noise of those things still freaks me out in an almost Pavlovian way.

Maybe the best news of all is that the trailer features a release date for the game. Aliens vs. Predator is slated for release on February 19th on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Maybe this will be the title that convinces me to finally get my red-ringed Xbox 360 fixed...

Jump past the break for a look at the trailer.
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