Katie Aselton has turned up in a few indie films in recent years, including The Puffy Chair, where she played the girlfriend of Mark Duplass. Duplass is now her husband, and a fairly significant force in the indie film world himself, but he might have some competition at home. The Freebie, Aselton's debut as a writer and director, is an honest, unadorned relationship drama that suggests a new talent on the horizon.

Somehow this very good drama stars Dax Shepard. I don't think anyone saw that coming. He and Aselton play Darren and Annie, a married couple whose seven-year relationship is still full of love but lacking in lust. They adore spending every minute of every day with one another; they just can't remember the last time they had sex. Neither partner feels frustrated by this, though -- and the fact that they're OK with near-celibacy is what starts to alarm them.

They wonder if one solution might be to have a "freebie," a night where they each get to sleep with someone else, one time only, no questions asked, and let us never speak of it again. Perhaps this would reignite the spark in their own relationship. Annie's sister (Leonora Gershman) tells her this is a terrible idea (which hardly needs saying), but the two proceed with the plan anyway.