Fresh off the success of House of the Devil, filmmaker Ti West is suddenly a hot commodity--and when you're hot, you have to take advantage of it because the film industry is a fickle one.

West is apparently taking that advice to heart, as Variety is reporting that he's chosen his next project, a film entitled The Innkeepers--a story about the last two staffers at a haunted hotel that's going out of business. The project appears to be in very good hands--West will direct, with Dark Sky films financing and producing in tandem with Larry Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix. That's a plethora of people who understand what makes good horror cinema.

The deal for the film was finalized at Sundance. West has commented that he wants The Inkeepers to be "a truly terrifying follow-up to House of the Devil." Here's to hoping he gets what he wants.

The Innkeepers is set to start shooting this spring. If you need a Ti West fix in the interim, House of the Devil makes its DVD debut tomorrow and West's troubled production Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever bows next month.
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