"Sure," you say as you sift through all the Sundance Film Festival coverage at Cinematical and elsewhere on the Internets. "This looks like a lot of fun for the people in Park City. But what about me? Which of these should I pay attention to? Which movies are liable to be coming to a theater near me? TELL ME WHAT TO DO!"

There's no need to yell, but we understand your frustration. Sundance screened around 120 feature films, many of which, unfortunately, you'll never hear from again. Since there isn't room in anyone's brain to keep track of all of them -- heck, we're pretty sure even the Sundance programmers didn't watch a few of the movies they scheduled -- we've narrowed it down to these 10 that we think you'll be hearing about this year.

Blue Valentine Our Kevin Kelly loved it, and he wasn't alone -- the rave reviews for Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in this relationship drama far outnumbered the less-than-raves. The Weinstein Company, which has been looking for something to restore its prestige in the indie world, bought the film for a little over $1 million. Given TWC's recent history, this could mean Blue Valentine will never be seen again. On the other hand, if Harvey and Co. really are serious, maybe they'll aggressively push this one.

Buried Who wouldn't want to see Ryan Reynolds buried alive? We can start with the people who paid to see The Proposal. Erik Childress liked (but didn't love) Buried, which got a lot of buzz in Park City, especially after Lionsgate snatched it up for $3.2 million. It could be in theaters as soon as late spring.