Amelia Earhart is one of the kickass women of history. Unfortunately, her recent Hilary Swank biopic (which hit DVD shelves today) was anything but, reducing her to a pile of romance and a film that came up quite short. But could a new indie in the works show how it should've been done, even if she isn't the lead?

Variety reports that producers James Moll and Brian Terwilliger have snagged the rights to aviation pioneer Louise Thaden's life in order to develop a feature about the Women's Air Derby -- an all-female transcontinental air race that flew across the skies in 1929. The showdown featured 20 female pilots, including Thaden, Earhart, Pancho Barnes, and Blanche Noyes. The race stretched from Cleveland, Ohio to Santa Monica, California over 8 days, and Ms. Thaden came in first. (Earhart's plane was damaged, Barnes got lost and flew into Mexico, Noyes had an in-flight fire...)

Okay, so sure, Earhart will be only one piece of the film, but even as a side contender who doesn't win, it's a lot truer to her character and legacy than a historical romance. Racing, excitement, in-flight intrigue, plus a chance for the other impressive female faces of aviation to shine? I'm in.
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