Our good friends over at Dutch Southern have revealed their first movie-related t-shirt of 2010, and it's one I'm sure a lot of you John Hughes fans will want to add to your collection. Titled "Shermer, IL", this tribute t-shirt features images from six iconic scenes in six different Hughes films: Sixteen Candles (Farmer Ted showing Sam's panties to a roomful of geeks), The Breakfast Club (Bender fist pumping the sky after surviving another day of detention), Weird Science (Gary and Wyatt watching killer mutants crash their party), Pretty in Pink (Duckie serenading Andie with Otis Redding), Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Bueller serenading Chicago with The Beatles), and Some Kind of Wonderful (Keith practicing on Watts).

Hughes only directed four out of six of these films, but he wrote all of them -- and while I'm totally down for the scenes they honored on this shirt, part of me would've also loved to see nods to Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Uncle Buck -- my two favorite John Candy movies. Then again, maybe the folks over at Dutch Southern are already planning a John Candy tribute t-shirt (and if they weren't, let me be the first to request one). Those interested can pick up the shirt over on the official Dutch Southern website where it'll run you a pretty reasonable $21.
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