Last month, I reported on MINDstyle's awesome Tron/The Black Hole mash-up V.I.N.C.E.N.T. vinyl collectible; this month, MINDstyle is returning to The Black Hole for another incredible toy - the evil robot henchman Maximilian.

Now, I know The Black Hole is a cheesy movie. It looked dated almost the very second it came out in 1979, but there are two elements of The Black Hole that are deadly serious, without a trace of cheese. One is the bizarre, disturbing finale which turns Disney's stab at Star Wars into something metaphysical and haunting. The other is Maximilian, still one of cinema's coolest, most dangerous robot bad-asses ever created.

There are no product details on the MINDstyle blog, but in keeping with their previous, similar product specs, the figure will probably be around ten inches tall and retail for roughly $150.

You can see Maximilian in all his unstoppable killing machine glory after the jump.
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