David BrownDavid Brown, the Oscar-nominated producer of such blockbusters as 'Jaws' and 'The Sting,' has died after a long illness, USA Today is reporting. He was 93.

Brown was famous for his longevity in Hollywood. He had films nominated for Best Picture in the past four decades: 'Jaws' (1975), 'The Verdict' (1982), 'A Few Good Men' (1992) and 'Chocolat' (2000). "I kind of represent the new and old Hollywood," he told the NY Times in 1999.

Brown began his Hollywood career as a story editor at 20th Century Fox after years as a journalist, magazine editor and short-story writer. Among his big-screen coups include putting Elvis in his first movie ('Love Me Tender') talking George C. Scott into playing the title role in 'Patton.'
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