Another day, another cop film. Yup. Here we go. Welcome to 'Edge of Darkness' (a re-make of a BBC miniseries thriller). Mel Gibson plays Tom Craven, a Boston police detective whose 24-year-old daughter Emma is shot dead in a drive-by shooting right in front of him on his doorstep, just when she had come home to visit dear ol' dad.

Since cops are often targeted by vengeful criminals, it was Tom the shooter was after, right? Or was it Emma? It couldn't have been Emma. She was just a sweet, hard-working young woman. But, sweet, hard-working Emma worked at a nuclear facility. And, nuclear facilities have classified information which, if it were to leak out, would create all sorts of havoc. Why would Emma risk breaching the security of the very place which employs her and, more importantly, her life? Or, would she? Who was Emma exactly? Her own father didn't even know that much about her.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!