Psycho diorama"Master of suspense" filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock has inspired any number of directors ... and it turns out he's inspired some artists too. Over on Flickr, you can find a set of photos of dioramas based on Hitchcock movies. The dioramas were created for an auction at Bird Dog Video, an independent video store in Calgary, last year ... not recent, but Hitchcock art doesn't grow stale.

The Flickr set is called "Frenzy" but a number of Hitchcock's films are represented by the dioramas. The one for North by Northwest is fairly straightforward. The Birds was a popular choice -- this one is my favorite representation of the film. Of course the Bates family home is represented, from Psycho, as shown on the right (look in the windows!). But the diorama I like best is the one that re-creates part of the Salvador Dali-designed dream sequence in Spellbound, it's quite striking. I'm not sure I'd want it in my house all the time, though. Which ones are your favorites, and which movies do you wish were included? I would have enjoyed something stylish from Notorious, myself, or perhaps the berths from the train sequence in North by Northwest.

[via the cinetrix]
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