Some intrepid Tron fans, either reminiscing over the original movie or impatient for the sequel, have taken matters into their own hands and used hand-made props to remake the iconic lightcycle race scene.

Miké and Vinz, with the help of a few friends, used cardboard and plastic sheeting among other common items to recreate the lightcycles, the arena, and the grid. Even the soundtrack is recycled, although from Steven Lisberger's original score. While it's been a while since I've seen Tron, this fan made video seems to recreate the scene shot for shot. By today's standards, the original film's computer graphics (pun unavoidable) are pretty crude, but back in the day, you have to remember that was pretty flashy. And this hand-made rendition does it justice; it was uploaded to Daily Motion, where it's already had over half a million views.

Tron Legacy is scheduled for release in December. But if you're getting nostalgic, you can watch Miké's and Vinz's tribute after the jump.

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