Lakeshore Entertainment has purchased the script for Kevin Grevioux's comic book, I, Frankenstein and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans director, Patrick Tatopoulos will be helming the project.

Grevioux's comic, issued by Darkstorm, combines classic monsters like Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in re-imagined and contemporary settings. The story follows Frankenstein's Monster as the heroic figure who is humanity's only hope against an uprising of supernatural creatures.

"When Kevin Grevioux and Robert Sanchez presented us with I, Frankenstein we knew immediately that this was a great and original franchise that could best utilise Patrick's extraordinary talent and vision," said Lakeshore president Gary Lucchesi.

Grevioux has stated the script will maintain a film noir feel, similar to The Crow and Dark City, combining CGI and great practical effects. He hopes "Frankenstein will be portrayed as the ultimate action hero," which sounds pretty freaking fantastic to me! I love Frank in just about any incarnation. Who is your pick to play the big guy?
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