Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of British director Christopher Smith's work. So, when First Look Pictures reached out to Horror Squad for the US release of Smith's third film, Triangle, I must admit; I kind of geeked out. We talked about everything from his forthcoming kids-as-spys film (that isn't exactly for kids), to his just-completed journey back to Medieval times in search of a plague-causing necromancer (Black Death), to Back to the Future, to what he'd do with a Creep 2. Oh, and, of course we talked about a twisted little enigma called Triangle, starring Melissa George as a woman trapped on an ocean liner, and out on DVD and Blu-ray today.

Horror Squad: How are you? How are things?

Christopher Smith: I just finished Black Death and I'm sitting in a coffee shop about to get on writing this kids film I've been working on for a number of years called CHERUB. It's kind of like a Rodriguez Spy Kids but not a big budget version; like a Shane Meadows Spy Kids movie. It's that kind of film. It's about a bunch of state kids working for the government, it's quite a cool film based on a series of books.

Horror Squad: Very cool, when's that going into production?

Christopher Smith: We're hoping to shoot in the summer. There's a big franchise of books in England called CHERUB and what it is is like a Nikita story. It's about a young kid from a broken family who suddenly realizes that he's an orphan and he's being cared for by the government. We're doing it quite realistically, so instead of the kids, ya' know, jumping out of helicopters and doing that, it's more about how the government uses kids in the same way drug dealers would use kids to traffic things. It's more Bourne Identity than it is James Bond.
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