There's a lot of noise on the internet right now about the scrapped Constellation moon mission as President Obama is not budgeting for that mission in the 2011 budget. Specifically, the proposed budget cancels the Constellation Program, including the Ares I and V rockets and the Orion crew exploration vehicle.

What I'm not seeing out there is why everyone is so upset.

While I understand concerns that $9.1 billion has been spent on the program proposed by President George W. Bush, it's not like all that effort has gone to waste. Scrapping the Constellation program was not an arbitrary decision but one based on the Review of Human Spaceflight Plans Committee (the Augustine committee mentioned in Bolden's remarks available online).

I'm no expert, but I've worked at corporations that kept shoveling money into poorly designed projects that were clearly going to fail. The statement doesn't say that moon related missions are not going to be reconsidered, only that the current failing project is canceled.

What I do see in NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden's remarks is an intent to focus on both fundamentals and building a sound infrastructure that incorporates private sector initiatives to go beyond the moon. In fact, Bolden says the president has increased NASA's budget over the next five years by 6 billion dollars.

Bolden's statements indicate an increased budget, not a reduction, but a focus on growing industries, focusing on innovation and research, and adjusting NASA's ability to work with the private sector.
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