For today's pitch, I'm curious what you'd prefer in a matter of revisiting the classic 1993 comedy Groundhog Day. It surprises me that Sony hasn't already tried to expand on this thing. It was relatively successful at the box office and its audience has only grown in the 17 years since. Yet no sequel, no TV spin-off and surprisingly no remake has ever seemed to cross the studio's mind (each studio has only one, you know). Of course, that means it's only a matter of time before we hear about something called...

Groundhog Day Too

If there were ever to be a sequel, the chances of Bill Murray returning are slim to none. So there's not even any point in thinking it should be called Groundhog Day 2. Instead, the "too" in the title refers to the idea that this follow-up is about a new character trapped on February 2 until he can finish his own mission, whether it be romantic or some new sort of situation. Earlier today, I joked that I'd like to see the Academy have to repeat today over and over until they got the Oscar nominations correct. They'd get to see February 3 once they smarted up and gave Sam Rockwell a Best Actor nod for Moon, for example.
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