Great news for fans of cult Asian cinema--Dread Central is reporting that Synapse plans to release Kazuo "Gaira" Komizu's Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay on DVD! If that weren't cool enough news, try this on for size: it streets on February 23rd.

Komizu, best known for making sleazy exploitation movies such as Entrails of a Virgin, Guts of a Beauty, and Female Inquisitor, made Battle Girl back in 1991. It's been a cult oddity ever since.

Synapse breaks the plot down like this:

"A meteor lands in Japan and the fallout creates a "shield" around Tokyo, encasing the city in a foggy darkness. A state of martial law is declared. People are in a panic as violent crime and corruption spreads throughout the region and punk gangs are ruling the streets. As if things weren't bad enough, a chemical reaction from the meteor unleashes a deadly virus and now the dead are coming back to life as flesh-eating zombies!

K-ko (played by Japanese wrestling sensation, Cutie Suzuki) is asked to help find survivors and given a bulletproof leather-and-blade "Battle Suit" to help her on her rescue mission. Punching, blasting and decapitating the zombie hordes with her armor and weapons, she discovers something even more evil... a sadistic military general who wants to use the zombies in his own plan for world domination!"

Technical specs for the disc include a new digital transfer of the film, removable English subtitles, and a brand new 53 minute interview with director Gaira. Sounds like I can finally toss out my grainy old bootleg...

Jump past the break for a clip from the film.
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