A new still and the first official trailer for Gabriele Albanesi's In the Mouth of Ubaldo Terzanihas been released. You can check out the trailer after the jump, which features special effects by the Italian 'Wizard of Gore' Sergio Stivaletti.

Giuseppe Soleri stars as Alessio Rinaldi, a director who is overcome by a nightmarish obsession with nefarious horror novelist, Ubaldo Terzani, played by Paolo Sassanelli. Laura Gigante plays Sara, Alessio's girlfriend. Rinaldi is a young director who gets the charge from a producer to write the script of his first movie with Ubaldo Terzani, a well-known horror novelist. Alessio quickly becomes psychological dependent on the writer after he moves into his house to work on their collaboration. Their strange relationship quickly turns into a living nightmare and Terzani's dark side is unveiled.

I have yet to see Albanesi's The Last House in the Woods but fellow fans of Italian horror have accused it of being a cheap imitation of the 70's greats, with bad gore and lazy stylings. Regardless, Albanesi definitely has my curiosity peaked with this new trailer, so check it out after the break and let me know what you think.
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