The science fiction short Hanger No. 5 is available online for your viewing pleasure. This student film is a selection of the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival in Seattle (SFFSFF).

With similar themes to the Indiana Jones franchise and SyFy's recent series, Warehouse 13, Director Nathan Matsuda may be "only" a student and this may be only student film, but it's a fast paced 8 minutes (with the rest of the 11 minutes being overlong credits, which I forgive despite their excess, since there is no stinger hidden there).

Hangar No. 5 starts off with a smart title sequence that sets the mood. The action quickly starts when an intrepid young couple looking for gold activate a Big Bad in the aforementioned Hangar.

Apparently Matsuda has 12 videos on vimeo, some of which are making of, but some look more like shorts. I really enjoyed Hanger No. 5, so I'll be checking those out soon.

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