Want to win some official Zombieland loot? Of course you do. Netflix has paired up with them to run an exclusive trivia contest. For you social networking butterflies, check out theirFacebook page. You've got to move on this one, though. It's already begun and the deadline is 24 hours from 11:00 a.m. PST today. Yes, for 24 hours only. Fans will be entered to win a "Zombie" costume as well as the actual hat worn by "Tallahassee" in the movie just for answering a trivia question on the Netflix Facebook page. And if you're reading HorrorSquad, trivia is probably one of the more potent weapons in your arsenal. The winner will be drawn from the fans who answer the trivia question correctly. Let's make the winner an HS reader, shall we? The window is closing quickly, so get on it and add some Woody Harrelson cool to your wardrobe. Oh, and if you win, send us some pics of the new get-up, why don't you?

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