I'm not going to lie to you. Domestic horror is starting to piss me off. Sure, we get the occasional Paranormal Activity, but most of the stuff the die hard horror hounds like you and I are looking for are popping up first on foreign shores. Take The Descent 2, for instance. Why haven't I seen this movie yet? Why no US distribution? Yes, I'm being an entitled American, but if the best US distribution companies have to offer me is another damned Saw movie, I'm going on a murderous rampage (or at least drink and cry and scour the internet for imports).

Case in point - the new flick from Philip Ridley (a guy I've shamefully never heard of) called Heartless. Starring the boyish immigrant from Across the Universe, Jim Sturgess, it's billed as 'a dark psychological thriller'. Sure, some marketing monkey is being dodgy with the labels, but if your story is about a guy fighting literal demons in urban East London, then your movie is horror. Just embrace it already and stop dancing around the good stuff. Sturgess plays Jamie Morgan, an angsty guy with a large heart-shaped birthmark on his face. He gets pulled into the decidedly gritty world of battling hell's minions and if the trailer is any indication, there's some elements of Jacob's Ladder and a few gruesome thrills to propel things along.

The official website has some goodies for you to inspect. Click the banner below to check out the trailer that has my own heart all aflutter.

'Heartless' will be in UK cinemas on Friday 21 May and on DVD, Blu-ray and all other formats on Monday 24 May. So I guess we won't have to wait *too* long...
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