Jane WiedlinMusician Jane Wiedlin, perhaps best known as the guitarist for The Go-Gos, has a surprisingly long filmography. I always like to remember her as Joan of Arc in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, myself. But over the years she's appeared or loaned her voice to a number of movies and TV shows, from Star Trek IV to King of the Hill and most recently the 2009 women-in-prison homage Stuck!, which also stars Karen Black and Mink Stole. Wiedlin's character is named Princess. I hope the movie is as fun as it sounds.

Wiedlin's first onscreen role lasted about five seconds but is extremely memorable -- the singing telegram girl in the very silly 1985 film Clue. Maybe I remember this bit vividly only because when we watched it on VHS when I was in high school, my then-toddler brother picked up on her one line and would sing it in public to gather attention. (It worked.) And I have to wonder -- is it really a cameo if it's so short that you're barely recognizable? Back in 1985, when "Head Over Heels" was still getting radio play, I think so. Anyway, you can watch her brief and cute film debut on YouTube, without having to sludge through the entire hit-and-miss (mostly miss) comedy Clue. Check it out after the jump.
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