What happened when one dude suddenly realized that his wife bawls her eyes out after almost ever movie they watch? Naturally he decided to begin filming her before setting up an entire website dedicated solely to his wife's crying, with videos, an "about" section, an faq, some polls ... and I imagine if this thing really takes off, he'll start trying to sell t-shirts and underwear and tissues with a picture of his wife on them. Who knows. And sure, you might be thinking that he's a little messed up in the head to be taking so much advantage of his wife's emotional issues, but as the website points out she's fully aware of what he's doing, thinks it's funny and supports his endeavors.

From his intro:"My wife cries after almost every movie we see with a happy or sad ending. One day, we finished watching all 6 episodes of Star Wars (one per day) and she just lost it! I couldn't help but laugh because she was crying about R2D2 and Vader! So, I jumped up, grabbed our camera, and got an amazing interview from her. I then did what any loving husband would do... I uploaded it to YouTube :) ..."

He claims it's all real, and after watching a few of the videos, it's pretty obvious the gal is crying (yes, real tears!), but of course you never know. Either way, I got a kick out of watching, especially seeing her lose it after films like Back to the Future III. Really? Are you that unstable ... says the guy who can't get through a single Wonder Years episode without overflowing with tears full of nostalgia and regret.

Check out a couple of the videos after the jump and let us know what you think. Funny? Sad? Pathetic? Entertaining?