David Lynch is a filmmaker known for the strange and endearing worlds and characters that he creates, but he's not only a master of fantasy, he's also a master at blending sound and image. A lot of it is due to his work with Angelo Badalamenti, and how a simple conversation between the two can lead to a haunting and iconic theme. But the filmmaker also has an eye for musical talent. Julee Cruise quickly became an essential part of Twin Peaks' universe (her music even inspired Lynch to create an Industrial Symphony), he helped usher in a renaissance for talented jazz singer Jimmy Scott, and now he's promoting the music of singer Ariana Delawari.

DLF.TV (David Lynch Foundation TV) has shared a promo reel for the artist, where Delawari sings small segments of her music for Lynch's camera. While some of it stretches the boundaries of the Lynchian music we've grown accustomed to, his classic style is there in full as the singer croons into a microphone in front of a red curtain, with background music bringing to mind the old days of Badalamenti and Cruise. (Delawari recorded the album -- Lion of Panjshir -- in Afghanistan and LA, with Lynch mixing the tunes and producing the track "Suspend Me.")

It's quite beautiful music, which should come to no surprise for any Lynch fans -- the man's got a great ear. Check out the video after the jump (plus embeds of Cruise and Scott) and head to the DLF link above to grab the album for yourself.

[via dugpa]