Edward Norton playing a set of twins in a stoner dark comedy? Sign me up! Cinematical has just received these exclusive images from Leaves of Grass, written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson. In the film, Norton plays twin brothers Bill and Brady Kincaid -- the former of which is an Ivy League philosophy professor who is lured back to his Oklahoma hometown by his pot-growing twin brother in order to assist in his stoner sibling's ill-conceived scheme to take down a local drug lord (played by Richard Dreyfuss). Also starring in the film are Keri Russell as the new woman that comes into Bill's life, and Susan Sarandon as the twin brothers' eccentric mother.

Nelson, who also has a role in the film, last met up with Norton on the big screen in The Incredible Hulk, and he wrote the part in Leaves of Grass specifically for his friend, even though Norton didn't know it until after the script was written (according to a chat from the Toronto Film Festival back in 2008). You can check out the brand new images by viewing the gallery below. Additionally, we've provided a statement from Tim Blake Nelson after the jump.

Leaves of Grass hits theaters on April 2nd.