I'm not going to use this to knock on When in Rome, especially since our own Jenni Miller already did that. Well, to be fair, she did it a lot sweeter than I would have. It's a cute romantic comedy idea that just doesn't work. However, one of the hapless souls who has their love life screwed around with in this movie is Will Arnett, and we loves us some Will Arnett. It feels like he's just a few steps away from headlining movies on his own, paired with some straight guy or girl. Or better yet, appearing with his wife Amy Poehler. (Watch them together in a Parks & Recreation episode.)

Most people know Arnett from his spin as Gob on the awesome Arrested Development, which will hopefully, finally, eventually be getting a movie soon, but he's held his own in some smaller comedies, including the underrated Let's Go To Prison and The Brothers Solomon. We talked to him about When In Rome, the Arrested Development movie, the other project he's working on with Mitchell Hurwitz, video games, and more. Read on after the break for the full interview.
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