The Golden Raspberry Awards (aka, the Razzies), founded in 1981 to offset the Academy Awards, honor the worst in cinema each year. There are 11 different categories, from Worst Picture to Worst Leading Actor to Worst New Star. No one in Hollywood paid much attention until 1987, when Bill Cosby became the first person to accept his Golden Razzie for his film 'Leonard, Part 6.' After that, several actors have shown up at the awards to take their lumps. Halle Berry brought her Oscar and held it as she accepted her Razzie for Catwoman (2004).

In honor of this year's nominations (tough break, Sandra Bullock), we've decided to honor those who've received the most Razzie nominations throughout the award's history. (Note: The Razzies will nominate one person for multiple roles in a year and only use one slot -- for example, in 2003, Ben Affleck was nominated for Worst Actor with 'Daredevil' / 'Gigli' / 'Paycheck', so we only counted that as one nomination, not three.)