Remember how we told you that Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo would be reprising their characters from the Vacation movies for a Superbowl commercial for Well, in advance of the actual Superbowl spot, the vacation rental website has put out a teaser that they're trying to pass off as some new, secret Vacation movie, though we know better than that. In reality, it's a short, sweet teaser that totally has me wanting to watch these characters up on the big screen again. Yeah, I know Vegas Vacation wasn't exactly one the franchise's most spirited efforts, but I definitely do feel there's life left in this series so long as it's placed in the right hands.

And guess who else makes a return in this teaser? Oh, just an exact replica of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, as featured in the original Vacation! Oh yes, it may just be some stupid Superbowl ad, but it's already won me over with plenty of nostalgia points. Though this isn't some kind of official movie announcement, word has it a new movie is still in the planning stages with the Griswold's son Rusty taking over the reigns as family leader. One imagines if Chase and D'Angelo would reprise their roles for this, they'd also do so in some capacity for a reboot of the franchise ... and, probably somewhat reluctantly, I'll be there on opening day with open arms.

Watch the teaser after the jump. Good, nostalgic fun, or corporate whoring at its worst?