Fan trailers can suck. This one does not. As admirable as they are, typically they consist of low production values and amateur editing that results in a trailer that's awesome for those who are already a fan of the project, but silly for those who are on the outside. Enter Jaron Pitts (the tech-savy gent behind the wishful trailer for Green Lantern that found Nathan Fillion believably taking on the role of Hal Jordan, founder of the Justice League of America), a fan who really knows how to cut together a bunch of pretty cinematic lies into a nice and neat little package.

My almost-doppelganger Peter Ha at Techland points us toward Pitts' latest fan-made trailer and its even better than his Green Lantern film. The task this time around is a live-action adaptation of a Serbian comic-cum-anime called Technotise; what he ended up delivering is one of the slickest fan trailers I've seen. As with his GL tailer, Technotise features bits and bobs culled together from a cornucopia of Hollywood science fiction and fantasy films into a cohesive portrait of a cyberpunk future where Milla Jovovich is implanted with a black market military chip that makes her a living, breathing piece of biotech worth hunting down.

What makes this an even more exciting trailer is the fact that there is a possibility we might actually see a live-action Technotise in the future. Pitts notes on his YouTube page that this was cut together at the request of some producers looking to bring the project to Hollywood. /Film did a bit more digging and it looks like that wasn't just boasting; producers Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers are indeed trying to get the film made.

So check it (and the Green Lantern) trailer below and if you happen to have some filmmaking friends with a boat load of cash to spend, it may be worth forwarding their way.