To teach ninety sixth-graders about newspaper reporting, a teacher in Yatton took his students to a soccer field and told them of the day that aliens touched down on the green for a visit to their English community. The teacher burned portions of the field the night before, and left blobs of hardened iron soldering around as UFO debris, for the students to discover. He even presented a photo of the fictional spacecraft and pretended it had been taken recently by an eyewitness. A local police officer was on the scene to answer questions about the alien landing.

The problem is the teacher, Phil Okeden, forgot to tell the kids that none of it was real.

Okeden discovered this as the whole town began talking about Yatton's first contact. Most of the children perceived the exercise as hard fact, with many parents looking to the school for answers. Okdeen told This Is Bristol, "We have never had any extraterrestrial visits to the school, so the story must have been pretty convincing." The bottom line is that kids trust those in authority to tell them the truth, all of the time. It seems like the teacher learned the biggest lesson here.

(via Fortean Times)

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