Years ago, there were elimination dances. They weren't like the National Bandstand dance-off at Rydell High, where it all came down to stunning Travolta moves. Rather, a caller (announcer) would call out random, arbitrary disqualifications -- such as "anyone wearing a red hat" -- and the couple would have to leave the floor. Remembering the old days, writer Michael Ondaatje took the idea to its most illogically funny extreme with his book Elimination Dance, detailing a caller who comes up with strange disqualifications that somehow hit the mark.

It wasn't long before the book was made into a short film full of Canadian talent. Bruce McDonald directed and co-wrote with Don McKellar, who also starred alongside oft-collaborator Tracy Wright, with the whole thing edited by Leslie, My Name is Evil helmer Reginald Harkema. Tracy and Don meet just before the elimination dance begins, and on the floor, they dance along happily while others get shoo'd off for mistaking a penis for a loaf of bread, losing a urine sample in the mail, going to court to be a character witness for a dog -- you get the idea.

It's ridiculous in that Saddest Music in the World sort of way, and the perfect diversion during the Wednesday slump. Hit the jump to watch the short for yourself and beware: It's NSFW with brief nudity.