Many people have wondered what the worst movie of all time is. According to Empire Online's list of the 50 Worst Movies Ever, the top spot doesn't go to Gigli, From Justin to Kelly, orDisaster Movie. Instead, it's Joel Schumacher's crappy stab at Bruce Wayne. Yes, Batman & Robin. Bad movie, indeed. But worst ever? It might make more sense this way: This was a voter's poll, and the nipply Batman and Robin got almost three times as many votes as the second film on the list -- Battlefield Earth.

Rounding out the top five, there's The Love Guru, Raise the Titanic, and Epic Movie. You've surely heard of most of them, but have you caught Raise the Titanic? It was a terribly expensive flop from 1980 where they, obviously, raise the Titanic. Empire notes that the film's one redeeming feature was the raised ship finally making its way to its final destination in New York, and they're definitely right. I didn't even realize that I'd seen the film until I read that, and it's the only part that sticks in my memory.

I won't run through the full list, but here's a quick glimpse at how the rest of the picks play out -- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen grabbed #25, Scary Movie scored #30 for ushering in the world of crap spoof, Superman IV: Quest for Peace got #40, and a superhero rounds out the list as well, with #50 going to the widely disappointing Spider-Man 3.

Weigh in below with your thoughts and please share -- what's the worst movie you've ever seen?
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