If you're a fan of martial arts superstar Jackie Chan -- and I don't mean The Spy Next Door Jackie Chan, more like Police Story Jackie Chan -- you've probably been keeping tabs on a little film of his called Shinjuku Incident, about illegal Chinese immigrants and Japanese crime bosses clashing in 1990s Tokyo. Directed by former Shaw Bros. actor-turned-filmmaker Derek Yee, the dramatic crime thriller marks Chan's welcome return to films that aren't, well, silly Hollywood comedies, which is cause enough for celebration.

Need proof? Check out the trailer for Shinjuku Incident after the jump, which begins with Jackie Chan's blood-spattered producer credit and includes:

Guys with knives
Jackie shooting people at point-blank range
Gang brawls
More shooting
Jackie drinking alcohol
Jackie threatening someone with chopsticks
Black Panther-esque power fists

Last year Variety reported that Shinjuku Incident was deemed "too violent" to pass censor in China and was subsequently banned from mainland distribution when Yee refused to edit it down. Thankfully, upstart distributor Barking Cow Distribution is releasing it stateside in limited release this Friday, February 5 (with an R rating), which means American Chan devotees can get a chance to see it on the big screen.

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