I'll admit that there's probably only a few of you who are freaky enough to find this newsworthy, so I'll just address you and the rest can skip on over to a post with a little more meat on its bones. Our friends over at Urlesque have dropped us a line to let us know of a very peculiar moment during one of the final scenes of Back to the Future III that up until now has gone unnoticed by myself and probably most of you, too. It's a moment that has to do with one of those creepy kids that Doc Brown had with his gal Clara, and it occurs when they're standing on the time machine train while Doc goes all "Wizard of Oz" on Marty and Jennier ("You can do anything you want to do in life, just click your heels together three times and forget this sequel ever happened!")

I'm not going to ruin the moment in the post, so you'll have to head after the jump to watch the video for yourself. And then I want you to come back and tell us just what the hell is going on here. Was this kid trying to tell us something? Warn us of some impending street race with Needles? I have no idea - this completely stumped me (and I'm a huge Back to the Future fan). Watch it after the jump and let us know what you think.