has officially overtaken Titanic to be the highest grossing movie of all time.

Surprise! Not.

Titanic held the record with $600.8 million, but Avatar is already past $601 million with no signs of stopping. Now, keep in mind these are dollar figures and not attendance. With 3D and IMAX, the numbers are bloated as the price tags are higher. Still, that's impressive, as it means despite the higher ticket price, people are still seeking out the sci-fi blockbuster 7 weeks after it's domestic release.

And those numbers are not global ones, only domestic. Avatar has pulled in over $2 billion worldwide (that's including domestic box office). It's currently showing on nearly 3500 screens, which only supports speculations that Avatar is going to put a very large margin between itself and Titanic. Regardless of your opinion of the quality of the film, you have to respect the numbers.

James Cameron must be feeling like he's the king of the world right about now.
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