has just been handed this exclusive trailer for the SXSW break-out hit The Overbrook Brothers, a film that has carried plenty of good buzz around to several other film festivals over the past year and is now ready to slam its fist down in your living room when IFC brings the film On-Demand this February 17th via its IFCInTheaters brand. Directed by John E. Bryant (and written by Bryant and Jason Foxworth), The Overbrook Brothers follows two brothers who go on a road trip to find their biological parents. On paper that may sound like a lot of small, indie comedies, but take a look at the trailer after the jump and tell me this flick doesn't look like an absolute riot.

A bunch of my friends and colleagues had lots of good things to say about this film after it premiered at SXSW last year, including our own Scott Weinberg (who you may see pop up in the trailer in quote form), who, following a festival screening, said this about the movie: "...My first "little" favorite is a dry indie comedy called The Overbrook Brothers, which seems a lot like every "dry indie festival comedy" I've ever come across ... for the first few minutes. But once the tone is laid down and the two leads settle into an effectively fractious chemistry, it becomes a very funny road trip with a few moments of real insight and strange warmth..."

Check out the trailer and poster after the jump, then make sure you order this sucker up it lands On-Demand this February 17th.