The teaser trailer for Fallout: New Vegas debuted today and, oh, what a tease it is. You don't see one single pixel of gameplay, just a short clip that I can only assume is the game's intro video (based on its similarity to Fallout 3's intro video). Also curious is the age gate you have to pass to be able to watch the clip, despite there not being anything even remotely objectionable in it.

The whole clip is a slow zoom-out from a giant, single-wheeled robot standing tall over the perimeter of the glowing lights of the New Vegas skyline. The camera pulls back to reveal what I assume is your character standing on a nearby hill, looking on. "War...War never changes," Ron Perlman says, once again delivering Fallout's signature catchphrase.

I was already highly anticipating the game, so maybe such a lackluster teaser feels especially cruel as I wait for the release of the post-apocalyptic RPG. It's like sitting in a restaurant, starving, waiting for a steak, and the waitstaff sends over a picture of a steak before your meal arrives. Fallout: New Vegas hits PC, X-Box 360, and PS3 in Fall 2010, but I want it NOW.
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