Don't let the title fool you: 'From Paris With Love' is not some romantic City of Lights romp.

In the latest shoot 'em up flick from director Pierre Morel ('Taken'), a bald, goateed John Travolta plays Charlie Wax, a maverick spy with a wicked trigger finger who gladly hunts down terrorists. This time, a U.S. ambassador's uptight lackey (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) tags along for the ride.

But, really, who cares about plot when there are shootouts to be had? While the reviews make it clear that 'From Paris' is not destined to hang alongside the Louvre's masterworks, a couple critics found the film's bloody action and a delightfully over-the-top Travolta enough to save it from the Euro trash bin. Read the reviews, and then let us know what you think.
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