Yes, I'm excited. Yes, I know it's a remake. No, I don't care. It looks creepy. I want to see the Crazies. Bad. I like Timothy Olyphant, particularly from his turn in Deadwood, and while I'm certainly a fan of Romero's original, it never quite clicked with me like so much of his other work has. We've shown you trailers and explored the early viral websites they put out there (viral! *snicker*), but as the promotion machine amps up, I get more and more antsy to see this flick. This one looks like it earns it's 'R' rating. While that's not a prerequisite for a fine horror film, it sure as hell doesn't hurt when it's flagging the story of a town gone mad.

The mutants over at Dread Central have a plethora of new shots that lead me to believe that this will be a nice adrenaline-and-blood cocktail. Here's hoping! Click the pic to your right to take you over to Dread and get a gander at the rest of them.

And leap past the break to check out the trailer and lengthy synopsis.
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