During their recent quarterly earnings call, News Corp. revealed that Avatar will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray by June 30th of this year, though it won't be in 3D yet because they feel the technology still isn't there for that. So while there will most definitely be a 3D version available at some point down the line (maybe even by Christmas), this first release will be of the old run-of-the-mill variety. Not necessarily a bad thing, of course, as we've been watching movies in 2D at home for a long, long time now, but when a film is made so much greater (and more worthwhile) by a certain piece of technology that won't be available to consumers when said film arrives on DVD and Blu-ray, you have to ask yourself whether it's even worth a rental.

I'm sure most will agree that the big sell on Avatar is the moviegoing experience, and not the intricate story. But if that experience cannot be partially re-created at home, is the film still worthy of a rental or purchase? I personally don't know if I have to watch this film again, and I think that if I did, I'd want it to be in 3D because that's what really sucked me in when I saw it in the theater. Then again, I could see the people who didn't see it in the theater or who don't care about 3D Netflix-ing the hell out of this thing because of how many awards it's won and how many box office records it's broken.
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